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Bristol-Myers Squibb is currently seeking chemical engineers to fill potential full-time and summer internship positions in the Pharmaceutical Process Development location in New Jersey.  BMS will be performing on-campus interviews of B.S/M.S./Ph.D. candidates on Friday, October 22nd. Please apply through LionShare (Job ID - 40119)by submitting your resume by the Thursday, October 7th deadline.  A job description and qualifications are provided below. In addition, BMS will be hosting an information session October 6th at 6 pm in room 826 Mudd.

Chemical Engineers Wanted: B.S./M.S/Ph.D. level positions within Bristol-Myers Squibb in Pharmaceutical Process Development  location in New Jersey:

Job Description: Bristol-Myers Squibb is seeking chemical engineers for positions in Pharmaceutical Process Research and Development. Chemical Engineers at BMS work on synthetic organic chemical processes for creating active pharmaceutical compounds, as well as in formulation development of final dosage forms. These efforts involve experimental study of the process in the laboratory as well as scale-up in pilot plants. Specific unit operations that require in-depth investigation in the synthetic area include reaction, purification, distillation, crystallization, separation, and drying.

Responsibilities for this position include evaluation of reactions/processes in order to address issues related to yield, quality, reaction kinetics, thermodynamics and process robustness. The work involves the use of appropriate techniques (e.g. calorimetry, in-situ spectroscopy, NMR, parallel experimentation) for rapid evaluation of a diverse set of organic reactions for process and/or mechanistic understanding. The work also involves data collection and utilization of mathematical modeling to understand and predict the behavior of chemical reactions and reactors. Chemical engineers play a key role in scale-up of processes in on-site pilot plants, and also perform technology transfer to vendors and manufacturing sites. This position will involve a mixture of laboratory science, process documentation, and execution in the pilot plant.

Qualifications: A successful candidate has a strong understanding of chemical engineering fundamentals, laboratory and/or pilot-plant experience, and strong collaboration skills. Background in reaction engineering and/or inline spectroscopic techniques would be a plus. The individual works well with people from other disciplines and thrives in a multifunctional team environment. Although technical skills are essential, the individual also readily deals with project management issues. A high level of energy and strong work ethic are critical to success.

Application Instructions (In Addition to Applying via LionSHARE): Please submit a resume and cover letter

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