Post an Opportunity

We enthusiastically welcome companies to share current opportunities in their organization with our students. Please email us at and we will promptly distribute the information to our students.

To expedite the process, please provide us with the following information:

Position Description and Title

By providing us a detailed description of the position, you are likely to have high success in finding the right candidates.

Brief Description of your Firm

Many students are interested in researching more about your firm. This will help us educate our students about the opportunity and your business.

Position Start Date

By providing us with a potential start date, we know which group of students and alumni to target.

Other Information Needed

Inform us if your firm requires other information including transcripts, writing samples, cover letters, etc. We will include this information on the job posting.

Resume Submission

We will instruct students to submit application materials in whichever method you prefer, including:

  1. Company web site applications
  2. Submission to an email address of your choice
  3. Submission to our office
    1. We will send you a file containing all resumes and relevant information

Additionally, employers can post opportunities through Lionshare, a Job Posting service offered through our Center for Career Education. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have at

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