ChemE Undergraduates Participate in Summer Research Symposium and Fair

The Undergraduate Student Affairs and Global Programs held a Summer Research Symposium on Thursday, September 27th, 2012 from 5 - 8 PM in Lerner Hall. Of the participants, a select few were undergraduate representatives of the Department of Chemical Engineering:

Jeremy Jones - Optimizing the Conductivity of Textiles via Atomic Layer Deposition for Pressure Sensitivity

Elizabeth T. Murray - Microalgae Preconcentration by Sedimentation and by Addition of Montmorillonite Clay Coagulant

Radhe Patel - Novel Efficient Microbial Fuel Cell Anodes Using Activated Carbon Nanofiber Nonwoven

Ari B. Turkiewicz - Conductance of Nickel and Iron Mononuclear Complexes in Methyl-Sulfide Linked Single-Molecule Junctions

Kendra Windsor - Pickering Emulsion Optimization Using Silica Nanoparticles


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