Chemical Engineering introduces a new course!

New for Fall '07!

CHEN E4740x: Biological Transport and Rate Phenomena II (3)

Time and room: T-R, 1:10 – 2:25, 834 Mudd

Instructor: E. F. Leonard (

Bulletin description: Analysis of transport and rate phenomena in biological systems and in the design of biomimetic transport-reaction systems for technological and therapeutic applications. Modeling of homogeneous and heterogeneous biochemical reactions. The bases of biological transport: roles of convection, ordinary diffusion, forced diffusion. Systems where reaction and transport interact strongly. Applications to natural and artificial tissue beds, tumor modeling, controlled release, natural and artificial organ function.

This course is intended primarily for ChE’s and BME’s. Prerequisites: Any two of: CHEN E3110; BIOL C2005; CHEN E3210, BMCH E3500. Exceptions: write instructor.

The full course syllabus may be downloaded HERE.

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