The Gaden Memorial Lecture


ELMER L. GADEN JR., widely known as the "father of biochemical engineering," received all of his degrees from Columbia. Shortly after receiving his doctorate in 1949, he became a faculty member and remained at Columbia, often serving as department chair, until 1979. He was the founding editor of Biotechnology and Bioengineering (1959-1974) and retired as Willis Johnson Professor from the University of Virginia in 1994. He received many awards throughout his career for scholarship, outstanding teaching, and service to the many professional organizations he served. In 2009, he was awarded the NAE Fritz and Delores Russ Prize, one of engineering's highest honors, in recognition of the profound effect of his work and leadership on the large-scale production of antibiotics following the Second World War. Professor Gaden died on March 10, 2012.



THE GADEN MEMORIAL LECTURE is an annual examination of the changing interface between chemical engineering, cognate sciences, and society.



George Georgiou             2007

Frank Bates                     2008

Frances Arnold                2009

John H. Seinfeld              2010

Chaitan Khosla                2011

Manfred Morari               2012

Enrique Iglesia                2013

Nicholas A. Peppas         2014

Joan F. Brennecke           2015

Paula Hammond              2016

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