Jingguang Chen

Thayer Lindsley Professor of Chemical Engineering

Vice Chair

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  • Doctorate - 1988 University of Pittsburgh
  • Bachelors - 1982 Nanjing University, China

Research Interests:

Understanding and developing metal carbides and bimetallic alloys as catalysts and electrocatalysts through combined theoretical and experimental approaches over model surfaces and supported catalysts. Investigating structural and electronic properties of catalysts using in situ synchrotron techniques.

Selected Publications:

For a complete listing of publications, please view the Full CV.

1. M.D. Porosoff, X. Yang, J.A. Boscoboinik, and J.G. Chen*, “Molybdenum carbide as alternative catalysts to precious metals for highly selective reduction of CO2 to CO”, Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 53 (2014) 6705-6709.

2. W. Sheng, A.P. Bivens, M. Myint, Z. Zhuang, R.V. Forest, Q. Fang, J.G. Chen* and Y. Yan*,“ Non-precious Metal Electrocatalyst with High Activity for Hydrogen Oxidation Reaction in Alkaline Electrolytes”, Energy & Environmental Science, 7 (2014) 1719-1724.

3. A.E. Baber, X. Yang, H.Y. Kim, K. Mudiyanselage, M. Soldemo, J. Weissenrieder, S.D. Senanayake, A. Al-Mahboob, J. Sadowski, J. Evans, J.A. Rodriguez, P. Liu, F.M. Hoffmann, J.G. Chen and D. Stacchiola, “Stabilization of catalytically active Cu+ surface sites on titanium-copper mixed oxide films”, Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 53 (2014) 5336-5340.

4. Q. Lu, J. Rosen, Y. Zhou, G.S. Hutchings, Y.C. Kimmel, J.G. Chen and Feng Jiao, “A Highly Selective and Efficient Electrocatalyst for Carbon Dioxide Reduction”, Nature Communications, 5 (2014) 3242.

5. M.D. Porosoff, W. Yu and J.G. Chen*, “Challenges and Opportunities in Correlating Bimetallic Model Surfaces and Supported Catalysts”, Journal of Catalysis (50th 308 (2013) 2-10.

6. W. Sheng, M. Myint, J.G. Chen* and Y. Yan*, "Correlating Hydrogen Evolution Reaction Activity in Alkaline Electrolyte to Hydrogen Binding Energy on Monometallic Surfaces", Energy & Environmental Science, 6 (2013) 1509-1512.

7. Q. Lu, J.G. Chen and J.Q. Xiao, “Design Nanostructured Electrodes for High-performance Supercapacitors”, Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 52 (2013) 1882-1889.

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12. D.V. Esposito, S.T. Hunt, Y.C. Kimmel and J.G. Chen*, “A New Class of Electrocatalysts for Hydrogen Production from Water Electrolysis: Metal Monolayers Supported on Low-Cost Transition Metal Carbides”, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 134 (2012) 3025-3033.

13. W. Yu, M.A. Barteau and J.G. Chen*, “Glycolaldehyde as a Probe Molecule for Biomass-derivatives: Reaction of C-OH and C=O Functional Groups on Monolayer Ni Surfaces”, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 133 (2011) 20528-20535.

14. M. Salciccioli, W. Yu, M.A. Barteau, J.G. Chen*, D.G. Vlachos*, “Differentiation of O-H and C-H Bond Scission Mechanisms of Ethylene Glycol on Pt and Ni/Pt Using Theory and Isotopic Labeling Experiments”, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 133 (2011) 7996-8004.

15. D.V. Esposito and J.G. Chen*, “Monolayer Platinum Supported on Tungsten Carbides as Low-Cost Electrocatalysts: Opportunities and Limitations”, Energy and Environmental Science, (Invited Perspective), 4 (2011) 3900-3912.

16. Q Lu, M.W. Lattanzi, K.M. Unruh, J.G. Chen, J.Q. Xiao, “High Energy and Power Density Supercapacitor Electrode Prepared from Monolithic NiO/Ni Nanocomposite”, Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 50 (2011) 6847-6850.

17. D.V. Esposito, S.T. Hunt, A.L. Stottlemyer, K.D. Dobson, B.E. McCandless, R.W. Birkmire and J.G. Chen*, “Low-Cost Hydrogen Evolution Catalysts Based on Monolayer Platinum on Tungsten Monocarbide (WC) Substrates”, Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 49 (2010) 9859-9862.

18. D.A. Hansgen, D.G. Vlachos* and J.G. Chen*, “Using First Principles to Predict Bimetallic Catalysts for the Ammonia Decomposition Reaction”, Nature Chemistry, 2 (2010) 484-489.

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