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Advising of MS students is currently the responsibility of the Masters Committee.  Each incoming MS student will be assigned an advisor who will approve courses.(2015-2016 Columbia Chemical Engineering Graduate Student Handbook: MS student advising takes place close to the registration period.  Typical advising weeks are the week prior to classes starting for entering students and the week prior to the academic calendar registration dates for each subsequent Spring or Fall semester.  Students will be informed of advising dates via Columbia email. Students are required to meet with their academic advisor during that time.  Students are informed at orientation of core and suggested elective courses.  All course selections must be  approved by an academic advisor.  Student will be informed of course options via email or other means for subsequent semesters.  Prior to meeting with an academic advisor, an MS student must record all current and requested courses and grades on the academic advising sheet in order to inform the advisor of the current program structure.  This is done to save the student time as evaluation of student progress in the program is needed prior to making changes.  

Graduate students must register during the designated registration period or risk loss of student status. Registration for classes is done through student services on line:  Graduate student course registration dates are dictated by the CU Registrar Office and posted at the Columbia Academic Calendar site.
CHEN E9400 MS Research is not required and not something done by everyone.  Students who elect to take a CHEN E9400 Master’s Research must have written approval by the professor to join his or her research group using the approval form linked at this site.  Once approval is obtained from the research professor, then the student must obtain approval from the academic advisor.  Up to 6 points of M.S. Research (CHEN E9400) may be used as part of the 18 point elective requirement.  MS students may start taking CHEN E9400 after successful completion of their first semester of classes.   A maximum of 3 points of research may be taken in a semester.
Below are advising forms that can be downloaded and filled out:
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