Planned Network Outage - 6/22, 6/29, 6/30

There will be planned network downtime as CUIT upgrades hardware in the Mudd and Engineering Terrace buildings. The dates are:



6/28:  basement and 1st floor (APAM, EE)

6/23:  floors 2,3,4 (APAM, MECE, Library, Registrar)

6/21:  floors 5, 6 and 7 (Dean, CVN, GSS, DEV, Registrar)

6/22:  floors 8, 9 and 10 (ChemE, EEE, Registrar)

6/20:  floors 11, 12 and 13 (EE, APAM, Gateway)


6/28:  basement and 1st floor (Carlton Lab)

6/29:  floors 2 and 3 (Registrar, MECE, ChemE, Carlton labs)

6/30:  floors 2 and 3                      "



** All network access will be unavailable - this includes wireless access. **


Prior to the network downtime, please be aware of the following:

-Make sure all your documents you may need have been printed

-Print your calendar if you will need it

-Local web pages may be unavailable


Once service is restored, you should restart your machines to insure there are no issues with network communication.

Any questions, please contact your Supervisor of IT.

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