Professor McNeill Awarded NASA Grant

Prof. V. Faye McNeill was recently awarded a highly competitive 3-year grant from NASA's Tropospheric Chemistry Program to study the surface-bulk partitioning of organic material in aqueous atmospheric aerosols. The research objective of this project is to identify the range of atmospherically relevant compositions for which organic species in internally mixed aerosol particles form films at the gas-aerosol interface.

Recent laboratory and modeling studies suggest that, if organic films are a common feature of aqueous aerosols, this could significantly affect atmospheric composition and climate. Though there is a considerable body of knowledge surrounding organic film formation in idealized systems, phase behavior has not yet been characterized for most naturally occurring organic surfactants under the range of conditions typical of the aqueous aerosol environment (i.e. supersaturated salt concentrations, pH ~0-8, multiple organic species). Therefore, it is not currently possible to reliably predict the formation of organic surface films on aerosols and their effects on aerosol heterogeneous chemistry as a function of aerosol chemical composition a priori. The McNeill group will help bridge this knowledge gap with a suite of laboratory and modeling studies.

You can find out more about Prof. V. Faye McNeill's research by visiting her homepage, HERE.

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