Spring 2016 Seminar Series

Please join us for our seminar talks throughout the spring semester in room Mudd 825 from 4-5pm. The speakers and their titles are listed below.


Speaker and Seminar Title

March 8

Jim Pfaendtner, University of Washington

Title: “Discovering Molecular Scale Driving Forces at the Nano/Bio Interface”

March 22

Daven Henze, University of Colorado

Title: Constraining sources of air pollution using air quality adjoint models and remote sensing observations

March 24


Ramesh Ramachandran, President, MEGlobal International FZE

Title: “Chemical Engineering – What is the market looking for today?”

April 12

Bruce Gates, University of California, Davis

Title: "Molecular Metal Catalysts on Supports: Organometallic Chemistry Meets Surface Science"

 April 15

(Friday at 11am, 214 Mudd)

Prof. Rachel Segalman

Title: Designing Polymer and Hybrid Thermoelectrics

April 19

Frank Doyle, Dean of Engineering, Harvard University

Title: “Engineering the Artificial Pancreas”

April 26

Alexander Orlov, Stony Brook University

Title: Exploiting 'unhappy' nano and subnano-particles and metastable phases for environmental and energy related catalysis

May 3

Julie Champion, Georgia Tech

Title: “Engineering Protein Assembly to create Functional Materials”

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