E.g., 03/24/2019
E.g., 03/24/2019
Obermeyer is focused on improving human health by developing protein- and polymer-based materials for biomedical applications.
Mar 11 2019
The promise of artificial intelligence in chemical engineering: Is it here, finally? The current excitement about artificial intelligence (AI),… More
Mar 4 2019
Recent publications from faculty in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research, Chemical Engineering, and Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics.
Feb 19 2019
In the Media
Professor Oleg Gang has published a study on nanowrappers that can be used for controllable release and is highlighted on the cover of ACS… More
Jan 8 2019
Story "Note: After creating an account, you should select the following options to… More
Dec 19 2018
Chris Boyce was named one of 30 young scientists who are “inventing the future from the atom up.”
Nov 28 2018
In the Media
Spanning 20 different industries, Forbes' collection of 600 young leaders and brash entrepreneurs embodies how fresh vision, powerful… More
Nov 13 2018
Barnard announced a new opportunity for students whose interests lie in engineering to complete both a Bachelor of Arts from Barnard and Master… More
Oct 23 2018
Columbia faculty joined United Nations officials on October 10 at a panel discussion moderated by Dean Mary C. Boyce on gender inequality and… More
Oct 17 2018
Press Release
The multi-disciplinary engineering team aims for breakthroughs in battery and fuel cell efficiency
Oct 15 2018